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"There is TIME for everything in life. PATIENCETOLERANCE and FAITH will take you there. It is beautiful and healthy to DREAM. Be LIGHT, look at the ocean and dance with it!"

Keep Shining Forever and Ever,


Meditatin in Motion

Meditation in Motion

Meditation in Motion is a technique and a discipline created as a tool for self-help to manage stress and self control. It consists of Tai Chi, Qi-Gong and guided meditation, a very ease and practical way to overcome stress, inner strength and therefore bring balance between the physical and mental body. It combines breathing exercises, guided imagery, and gentle movements that energize the body while relaxing the mind. The ultimate goal? To balance the energy within ourselves.

About Isabel

Meet Isabel Baeza Delano


After searching and studying different techniques in order to maintain a stress free life. I came to discover that in order to keep shining healthy and radiant all we need to do is to recognize our talents, virtues and value ourselves, follow our dream  and work on it . 


Determination is the key to make it possible and by  knowing and recognizing the great potential in myself ,  through discipline and perseverance I start building this method of Meditation in Motion. It is a simple routine of exercises that brings great  benefit not only physical but mentally and spiritually . My true wish is to see every face smiling ,  is a sign of well being  in this way we can really show our true inner beauty. It is possible by simply keeping a healthy routine of exercise. This can be done by starting with breathing, visualization and allowing simple movements to flow in our body. This will help the entire system to feel at ease therefore strengthening the immune system and radiating beauty in our energy field.


Base on Tai Chi ,Qi gong ,Yoga ,Martha Graham dance technique, and visualization, Meditation in Motion looks to benefit to everyone who practices it.



  • Certified Yoga teacher [Sapoorna Yoga] 

  • Studies of Tai Chi and Qi- gong

  • Certified Hypnotherapy [Member of the International Counselors and Therapist]

  • Dance studies on Martha Graham technique in New York

  • Classical Ballet at the Ballet Municipal in Chile.


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Keep Shining- Isabel Baeza

Naples, FL 


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